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Skornik Security Ltd.

"Your access point to top israeli Security Professionals, Knowhow. Training and Equipment"

Skornik Security Ltd. - The leading Israeli experts in the preparation of bodyguards and security officers, know-how, training and equipment in the field of security

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Skornik security academy open a new course in Israel

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bodyguard course bodyguard course and training
Skornik Security Ltd. was founded 1999 by the brothers; Adi and Guy Skornik in the wake of a heavy surge in terror attacks against Israeli civilians.

As the sons of Israel's venerable Martial Arts Master (Kancho) Gadi Skornik, the two were raised to become excellent warriors by their own rights and Special Forces Trainers in the IDF.

What started as a family business and an offshoot of their Martial Arts of Security Academy and bodyguard course that rendered security services to a selected clientele in Israel (such as: Israel's Oil Refineries, ICL Fertilizers and a number of supermarket chains) rapidly became a significant security service provider with projects  within and beyond Israel's borders.


security guard training The security guard training

The company's ties with industrial as well as governmental entities and its professional approach and dedicated service paid-off as the clients became its best sales promoters. This is Skornik Security Academy and bodyguard course.

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