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Security define and Israel security

israel securitySecurity is a state of resistance to any type of behavior that causes harm or damage to a person or to property. Security can also be defined as somewhat of a protection against criminals, theft and threats. The level of security is ser according to parameters such as safety, reliability and more. The security alignment should take under consideration actions of intent aberration and demolishment. From a subjective point of view, the purpose of security is to release people from their apprehensions and aversions and by that, to give tham a feelling of safety.   

Security In Israel
Security services in Israel are always highly in demand, dew to the sensitive situation with terrorists and other hostile forces that surrounds the country. After the 2nd Intifada, in the beginning of the millennium the need for security companies increased quite largely. The Israeli security answered that need easily and became knowledgably demanded in it’s field. There for, it is no surprise that overseas companies prefer to import the experienced Israeli security companies.  

In order to encourage qualitied and experienced manpower, the Israeli government made a decision to consider some of security positions as favored work for discharged soldiers. The idea behind that move was to get graduates of the IDF combat units to work in the security branch despite the relatively low salaries.

In Israel, most security companies’ owners have a lot of professional knowledge, know-how and experience, since most of them have military or police background.   

A security guard’s job is protecting people, property or assets. At times, a security guard does his work just by being there. Nevertheless, the law gave security guards the authority to detain people if they think they are suspicious. 

According to that law, within the time until the arrival of a police officer to the scene, a security guard may hold a person who is suspected in possession of weapon or in intention of using one, or if  someone plots to disturb the peace. The state requires that a security guard must go through professional training to be given those legal rights. 

Some security guards in Israel have been qualified to own weapon, and some can do their jobs without having to, according to their place of work.

If one wants to get a weapon possession license, they must go through a number of steps:

1. Presenting a candidacy to a training facility, authorized by the Israeli police department.

2. Interview at that facility, after which the information will be sent to the Ministry of the Interior, where the decision whether to allow the candidate into the training program will be made.

3. After an approval had been made, the security guard will go through a theoretical guidance and a practical training in operation of weapons.

Once the training is completed, the training facility will deliver the appropriate documents to the police and the Ministry of the Interior, and a security certificate will be issued.

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