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bomb New article about Israel security and security define was added to the site. you can see it here. security define

patrol Eleven others were said to have been injured in the blast, which struck a routine patrol of troops in the Khyber tribal region.

Islamist militants Skornik security launche a new and improved look of the website. Your feedbake and comments are welcome.

fighting The latest attacks came as fierce fighting continued in South Waziristan between the army and insurgents.

vehicle carrying troops Saturday's bomb hit a vehicle carrying troops in Sur Khar, to the east of Khyber's main town.
Meanwhile, at least 13 insurgents died as warplanes raided suspected militant hideouts in Orakzai, said government officials.

We are at war "We are at war," Yousuf Raza Gilani said, quoted by AP news agency. "We do not have any other option because their [the militants'] intentions are to take over," he added.

Israel security academy Two weeks ago, the army launched its offensive in South Waziristan, the tribal territory separating Pakistan and Afghanistan that is widely regarded as a haven for the Taliban and al-Qaeda.

attacks across the country The militants have carried out retaliatory attacks across the country.

Israel security academy They were blamed for Wednesday's car bomb in Peshawar that killed at least 115 people, including many women and children, but the Taliban have denied responsibility.

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Security define and Israel security

Security is a state of resistance to any type of behavior that causes harm or damage to a person or to property. Security can also be defined as somewhat of a protection against criminals, theft and threats. The level of security is ser according to parameters such as safety, reliability and more. The security alignment should take under consideration actions of intent aberration and... (Read more...)

Skornik security academy open a new course in Israel

 bodyguard course and trainingSkornik Security Ltd. was founded 1999 by the brothers; Adi and Guy Skornik in the wake of a heavy surge in terror attacks against Israeli civilians. As the sons of Israel's venerable Martial Arts Master (Kancho) Gadi Skornik, the... (Read more...)

Security training upgrade

Security consulting In order to provide our clients with the best security coverage our most experienced professionals (security consultants) will conduct on-site comprehensive security survey that will serve as a basis for improving existing security or designing a new layout (if necessary). The process includes the following steps: Mapping all assets in need of protection (human and non... (Read more...)

About skornik security

Skornik Security Ltd. was founded 1999 by the brothers; Adi and Guy Skornik in the wake of a heavy surge in terror attacks against Israeli civilians. As the sons of Israel's venerable Martial Arts Master (Kancho) Gad Skornik, the two were raised to become excellent warriors by their own rights and Special Forces Trainers in the IDF. What started as a family business and an offshoot of their... (Read more...)

Security Cameras

When talking about Security, the most important thing is to identify the threat and to neutralize it, no matter if it is an asset, a man or a private propriety. The security camera is the best sentry a common man can purchase for a reasonable price, and it is the prior protection line versus a common foe. Today there is profusion of security cameras on the market. As an outcome the customer... (Read more...)


The progress in technology that was achived in the last few years, made the possibility of acquiring listening, photography and eavesdropping equipment is easy and accessible to the average joe. With this equipment you can listen in on conversations, listen in on phone calls, to take pictures in a concealed way. Do you suspect your phone is being listened in on? Do you think your car is... (Read more...)

Data loss prevention

One of our most popular products has evolved as a welcome byproduct from our security surveys, while our surveyors studied organizations' routines and processes in order to uncover security breaches, robberies or fraudulent behaviors. More often then not, they uncover substantial losses of: End products, raw materials, equipment, fuel and money. Some lost due to negligence, lack of control... (Read more...)

Security Equipment

As a result of its ongoing straggle for survival, Israel has become a manufacture and testing ground for state of the art security and security related equipment, that ranges from basic personal combat and protective gear to the most sophisticated monitoring and surveillance systems (i.e.: Airports, seaports and border protection and screening equipment). Skornik Security Ltd. Experts will... (Read more...)

V.I.P Bodyguard courses

The vip bodyguard course will include:  Variety of shooting range- The S.A.S shooting range will take place outdoor and indoor. The shooting range is a specialized facility designed for guns, rifles and snipers rifles practice. Each facility is typically overseen by one or more supervisory personnel from the S.A.S. supervisory personnel are responsible for ensuring that all guns and rifles... (Read more...)

Security Training programs

Custom made training programs In preparation for a course, a team of seasoned trainers will:  Help our clients to define their security-force tasks according to their specific needs and potential threats.  Establish the required trainee's profile and supervise their selection.  Design a training program specifically tailored to meet the client's needs.  Organize and... (Read more...)

security Services

 Other services provided by the Skornik Security Ltd. staff:   Personal protection escort services (VIP Protection) for visitors to Israel.   Guided and secured tours in Israel.   Event security   24 x 7 contact and assistance... (Read more...)

Maritime security and protection division

This Skornik Security division offers a wide variety of comprehensive, custom-built tactical solutions for maritime operation including training programs that apply: Unorthodox techniques, advanced methodology and cutting edge equipment, carried out by our experienced and dynamic Maritime security experts and instructors. Among the offered courses:  Marine boat tactics &... (Read more...)

Data security

As our dependency on IT systems keeps growing and so does our vulnerability and susceptibility to cyber-crime. At the same time commercial espionage whether IT, Electronic or physically based, is still posing the same danger as before. Keeping sensitive data away from the competition or other unauthorized, mal intentioned elements can be critical for an organization's well being as well as for... (Read more...)

Skornik Security Site Map

english Security upgrade Training programs Equipment Data security Loss prevention Maritime security Security home About us Our teams Images gallery V.I.P Bodyguard course Contact Us About us Security services Security upgrade Training programs Equipment Data security Loss prevention Maritime security Services Investigations Aviation... (Read more...)


Polygraph – what is it?A polygraph is a device which it’s purpose is to helps us know if the interrogatee is being truthful or not. One can use polygraph test to a specific inquiry or a general credibility check.The invention of polygraph occurred at the 20’s of the 20th century, and it’s working on the principle of reading bodily reactions. How the test is being carried... (Read more...)

Our Security Team

Management Chairman Adi Skornik +972 (53) 3333166 eMail: skorniksec@gmail.com Our senior team of experts Senior Training Director Lt.Col. (Ret.) Gadi Skornik Born in France (during the 2nd World War). From an early age, Gadi demonstrated a rare talent for Martial Arts. At the age of 17 he immigrated to Israel where he joined the IDF. After his military service he became a key figure in... (Read more...)

Aviation Security

Airport – Ground Security Training   Course Topics:   1. The Airport structure 2. Local Governmental Entities 3. Authorities 4. Responsibility definition 5. Activity Spectrum Coordination 6. Fight Procedure 7. Suspects spotting 8. The Operational Assignment 9. Neutralization of an Aggressor – Empty Handed 10. Neutralization of an Aggressor armed with a... (Read more...)

Customer List

בנק מוסט - Most Bank - אבטחת אישים,הדרכות.בנק מנייטפ -  Menatep Bank - א. אישים,הדרכות,וייעוץ.בנק אינקום - Inkom Bank - א. אישים,הדרכות.בנק פרומסטרוי - Promstroy Bank - א. אישים,הדרכות.בנק רוסקרדיט - Rooskredit Bank - א. אישים, הדרכות.בנק האקדמיה לספורט -... (Read more...)